Accommodation Clauses:

  1. Accommodation contract that our hotel concludes between hotel guest, and the contract in conjunction with this will depend on place to establish of this article and, for matters which are not featured in this article, will follow laws and ordinances or customs.
  2. In the case of the following, our hotel may decline one’s accommodation:
    • (1) When application for accommodation does not depend on this article.
    • (2) When it has no room for the accommodations by the crowdedness.
    • (3) When it is admitted that person who is going to stay might do act against rule of laws and ordinances or public order or good
    •  manners and customs about accommodation.
    • (4) Drug user
    • (5) When one is dermatopathia or carrying infectious disease.
    • (6) When, about accommodation, money and special burden were found.
    • (7) When natural disaster, trouble of facility occurs.
    • (8) When it was admitted that person who was going to stay might give nuisance to other hotel guests in inebriates remarkably
    •  or when hotel guest did act to give nuisance to other hotel guests remarkably.
  3. For making reservation, the hotel may require its guests the following info:
    Address, full name, age, sex, occupation, phone number and etc.
  4. The hotel may ask for advanced payment or deposit at the time of check-in or reservation.
  5. Cancellation charges occur as the below:
    2 days before 1 day before On the day No-show
    30% 50% 80% 100%
  6. The following cases will give us the right to refuse your reservation:
    • (1) When it corresponds to item 7 of Article 2.
    • (2) When one refuse to provide the items of Article 3.
    • (3) When one refuse to coop with Article 4.
  7. At Check-in, guest must register information identical to Article 3, as well as check-out time. Foreign guest must show their passport upon checking-in.
  8. Check-out time is 11:00 am. Extra charge may occur when checking-out beyond 11:00am.
  9. Accommodation charges can be settled either by credit card or cash.
  10. All guests must follow the rules that our hotel established.
  11. We have the right to discontinue one’s stay:
    When it corresponds to item 7 of Article 2.
    When one do not act according to the hotels’ regulations and terms.
  12. One will be asked to bear the actual cost, when a guest damaged the hotel facility or equipment.
  13. For emergency, please confirm position of emergency staircase by all means.